I’m lucky enough to be married to a wonderfully beautiful woman, inside and out.  Her demeanor, her poise, her accessibility, her communication, her ability to listen to me, watch me, determine what I need and then fulfill it without me really knowing what I need myself is just amazing.  Maybe it’s her personality because she seems to have this Midas touch on everyone around her and is highly sought after for it.

Now, let’s look at this on a business level.  We can take out all the sentimental things that actually make people fall in love with them on a deeper level.  Let’s look at how we communicate, our being accessible, listening to their needs and following up to ensure they are taken care of.

How many of us honestly do that?  Now, I’ve had the pleasure over the last year or so of learning the hard way by working with some online marketers.  I can tell you that their definition of success is setting up an automated system that removes them from having to communicate with their clients outside of an FB group, automatic chat box or high-end consulting session.  It’s all really quick easy money with little attention to an actual solution.  We know that one person can not communicate with everyone, yet there are systems that can be set up to ensure that what they can NOT do for the client will still be taken care of.

Now, if my wife went away, for even a week, I would surely miss her.  Not just because of what she can do for me, yet her ability to simply be resourceful beyond measure is amazing and not something a lot of people can or are willing to even try.  Many people don’t think about how others around them are affected.

Now, we aren’t necessarily married to our clients, yet there is a relationship.  It is just a matter of what kind of relationship we have.  Nothing personal, yet even on a business level.  How much are we really there for our clients?  Do we take their emails, calls or even follow up to ensure they are being taken care of?

Do we even contact them enough for them to miss us?  Maybe you can’t contact them personally, yet is there a system in place to make this happen for you?

So, the question remains, if you were gone for an extended period of time, would your clients miss you?  If you think the answer is no, then you can be easily replaced.

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