Initially, my business partner and I started off without any real knowledge of how the back-end of Payment Processing works. We didn’t then and still do “not” have inside connections or connected to gurus that dispense insider information to us. Last month, we hit $69 million per month in sales, so we are closely approaching $1 Billion in sales per year.

Yes, we were somewhat nervous about going into this business because we didn’t know what to expect. We had already been taken advantage of as sales people by a few entities and one of the reasons we wanted to venture out on our own.

Once we did become our own entity, we were definitely taken advantage of by the banks and other institutions that said they were there to serve us in order to become a successful partner. What they meant by partner is becoming a successful paying client with limited control on the amount of fees we were charged by them and the limited quality of service provided.

Still, we had to have courage. There are so many details and explanations of how we got past barrier after barrier, yet we’ll save that for another time. As a matter of fact, we are still experiencing major barriers to this very day!

Just because we have reached $69 million in sales per month does not mean that all the doors are open for us. That is nowhere near the case. I’ve personally spent about 100k to expand our business, learn online marketing and about 5-10% of it has been useful. There are no shortcuts for us, no rubbing shoulders with gurus or billionaires that can back us. We don’t even have access to capital that the majority of businesses in our industry use, yet still, we push forward.

Its much bigger than us now with plenty of people that depend on us and many others that we’ve helped to build successful businesses under our umbrella. They too I’m sure had to have tons of courage in order to get past their fears, doubts of working with a smaller entity and their own personal self-doubts.

When you are small like us, not in the inner circle or connected to the big names, you must use your own creativity and inner resources. Nothing can detour you but death. Even to this day, we get calls and solicitations from online businesses that say they are truly interested in helping us. In most cases, once they have collected money or not able to collect a hefty fee after a 5-10 minute conversation, we are flushed down the toilet never to be thought of again.

Even with all of this, the setbacks, the disappointment from vendors, legal issues from people seeking to gain an advantage and get easy money, staff that simply want to collect a weekly check with minimal work or sales people that demand the world, yet give very little. And I didn’t mention the hundreds of shortcomings that my business partner and I personally have.

Still, having the courage to move past your fears is an absolute key element to your success. It can be the difference between more control of your time, which is freedom or bondage to something that you hate. Having courage can enable you to at the least, feed your family. This attribute of courage can also rub off on those around you, in particular, your loved ones and that means a lot! Have the courage to push through and succeed, your life and your loved ones could depend on it.

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