If you have ever built a business and had the opportunity to work it from the ground up, you know how important sales can be.  It is the absolute life blood of your business.  Without sales, you don’t really have a business, profit or non-profit.

That is what most people know about sales.  Just get sales sales and more sales.  What many don’t consider is the cost of acquiring new sales or new clients.  It is by far the most costly method of gaining income in your business.

Working with existing clients to offer more improved, better and new services is much less expensive, less time consuming and more cost effective.  It also helps to extend your relationship and increase lifetime value of your clients.

The issue is that many sales people don’t consider this in the beginning.  Their focus could be making a certain dollar amount at that time.  Some people focus on making a certain amount in a specific short period of time and don’t view their clients in a long-term capacity, so they behave using tactics, which are short-term.

If you have done a GREAT job BEFORE he sale and now acquired a new client, that is a good job.  The next step is DURING the sale to ensure that everything is going  according to what you promised.  This is best done in person or via phone, yet it can be automated as well.  The other step here is following up AFTER the sale.

Basically, how is your relationship with your client after the honeymoon phase?  Everyone and anyone can be on their best behavior when they are hungry.  Its like a hungry dog in front of a plate of meat, a horny man laying next to a naked woman or a well put together woman who is looking to get married.

How does the man treat you after you’ve given him the goodies?  How does a woman treat you’ve stopped wining and dining her?  Does either person still do all the things they did initially?  Well, how about at least 50% or if not the same things, how about improved things, upgraded things, new and interesting things to enhance the relationship?

For me, business is just like your personal life and they are both a reflection of the other.  Your ability to go back to your existing clients highly depends on how well you have maintained the relationship.

If you can’t even pick up the phone to call your current client, whether it’s a relatively new or longer-term client, it means that you possibly dropped the ball.  Its time to take new actions in order to make that happen.

The first step in this process is dropping your ego!

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