Many people consider being wealthy only from the standpoint of making tons of money.  Well, that is one way to look at it.  Wealth is much more than just money.

Recently, I had the unfortunate experience of losing a family member.  He had plenty of money, spent most of his time making it and did his best to ensure his family was taken care of in that aspect.  At the least, he spent lots of time making the money and time is something we can never get back.

When he passed, he didn’t experience the exact kind of funeral or homecoming as it’s called in the church that I’d expect.  He had friends there, people that he grew up with, family there and his children.

This funeral taught me a lot.  For one, it taught me that you can’t take what you make with you.  He was wealthy and worked very hard for it, yet with all due respect, I’m not sure if he created the kinds of memories that every parent wishes they could with their children.

And sometimes, despite giving things to your children or buying expensive gifts, they really don’t value it the same way that spending time with them is.  I see this myself with my own children.  Seems like they barely remember anything I buy, almost 1 hour after its purchase.  They don’t appreciate the time it took to make the money to buy it for them.

What they do remember however are memories, both good and bad.  Not every memory will be a good one.  The object is to create as many quality positive moments as you can.

Now, I’m not saying that money is not important.  It surely is, yet be sure to balance it out and remember that being wealthy goes far beyond just money or material possessions.  Wealth comes in the form of love, time, lessons and experiences that are unforgettable.

Do you consider yourself wealthy?

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