I’ve been to several guru seminars and heard tons of online marketers sell their courses based on telling people they should come up with a specific amount of money they want to make, then begin selling their services.  There is absolute merit to this.  We all need to have goals and targets.  The issue is that our goals can often blind us when it comes to what our clients actually want.

Have you ever purchased a product, then realized its not a good fit for you and now the sales person is no longer accessible or says that this is what you told them initially?  There are two sides to this.  One is that there are tons of people out there that will purchase a product and return it for no other reason than to be greedy.  The other side is that many sales people are “not” selling for what the client wants.  Their primary motive is based on hitting a certain financial target.

This often times causes a sales person to sell something that they know is “not” needed nor wanted by the client.  They basically used hype to sell their products and services.  I’ve personally been in cases like this where I was burned after purchasing a product that was initially sold to me in a way that was the farthest thing from what they had intended on.

Some of these people have big names, yet super small short-term ways of doing business, yet I won’t mention their names.  That is not my purpose here.  In each case, these people had as their primary focus making a certain dollar amount in order to be successful or promote their services to others by showing how much money they make or could charge and telling others they should do the same.  If this method of selling is not done with the clients best interest in mind, you can easily see how this would give an industry a bad name, which we are currently experiencing.

I heard a guy describe this kind of person as ego-maniacal and that is a good term. The charges had to be reversed because the sales consultants was no longer accessible.  One sales consultant even told me they had blown up and I guess since he was blowing up, my approx. 8k didn’t mean much and I was now being a bother.  Keep in mind the only thing that I was sold was a template that was non-compliant for my industry.  Another guy that was not accessible said that he got an iPhone virus or something, yet when I personally reversed the charge, even after warning him several times in advance I would have to do this unless he responded, somehow, he found immediate ways to contact me several times a day to clear up the issue.

My suggestion is to NOT begin with only what you want.  Can you imagine starting a relationship like that.  A client relationship should begin by you coming up with a viable solution for a problem that you have solved.  You don’t need to create the solution, just present it to your potential client.

Once you have a solution to a problem, you can devise an amount that you would charge, then come up with a number that you need to make every single month, year or whatever.  If you can actually resolve an issue and put your clients first, the sky is the limit and you will always be in business.

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