My business partner and I started this business from scratch with no loans, no venture capital. We had no connections, no mentors, no pricey mastermind groups or marketing experts to assist us. We weren’t in those circles.

It was hard work, creativity and a desire to be in better control of our business destiny. We were tired of getting screwed around from various companies that were selfish and only about their bottom line.

We are at a point where we are doing about 65 – $69 million per month in sales. We’ve been approved by the card networks to compete on another level. It takes A LOT of out of pocket money to do this as well, which we have taken care of. MILLIONS of dollars per month are pushed through the banks that we use and we are at a point where we absolutely need something from these very banks for this next level of business.

One bank that we push our hard earned money through has told us that we are a competitor, so they can’t help us. Another bank “partner” is for weeks now researching and contemplating if….they will assist us and allow me to even complete an application. I thought anyone and everyone could complete an application, yet its obviously a purely subjective decision.

I can’t go too much in detail, yet it’s a major deal for us and we are at a crossroads. So now the question is what do we do next? Do we continue going the same route, hoping that these bank partners will behave like true partners? Do we purchase expensive online courses with online marketers to make overnight money? Or maybe we should pay 25k for a 1-2 hour consultation with one of the experts that may give us generalized or theoretical what-could happen information? Or do we simply complain?

None of the above are correct. We are going to push forward, remain focused, continue where one door closes as another will open. No one, color, gender, ethnicity, location or age has gotten anything great accomplished by putting their faith in other people or entities. We will get it done and that will be the end of that story.

Not to sound cocky, yet even though I have zero clue on how we will get it done, I can write the last chapter right now stating that it was already done. In my mind, it is done and this is what you must do when you need to accomplish things that you have no clue how they will happen. There is no point in stressing yourself out, being cranky, getting yourself sick or doing anything stupid to jeopardize your goals. Stay focused, take action, stay resilient, believe in yourself and the rest will take care of itself.

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