It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, there is always a need to satisfy and unhappy customer. Whether you are a beginner or experienced sales consultant, with a little effort and care, you can jump right in. You only need to understand a few steps.

The 1st thing to do is understand what you are offering. This means having an idea of the product or service as well as how it relates to your potential client. It also means you need to have at least a basic knowledge of the industry itself.

Lets use Payment Processing, which is the industry I work in. I can’t just jump in the industry without being licensed or working under a licensed entity. This would be the same for the medical field unless you were offering “alternative” therapies, which are somewhat unregulated. In either example, you can’t simply offer something you created in the basement and expect to get away with it. Both industries, the Payment Processing and Medical industry are highly regulated. If you want to play, it has to be team ball.

Now that we have a basic knowledge of the industry, we can look for the unresolved problems in them. Lets use the examples above. The Payment Processing industry is dominated by big banks that in my opinion, treat most of their clients just like another number. The customer service is often outsourced to foreign countries that have no clue how we do business in the states. The big banks have been fined and its public knowledge that they often raise, increase and charge clients for fees that should be non-existent. But they are the big banks and they sort of have a license to get away with murder. There are fines to pay, yet its rare that someone gets jail time.

Alright, let me stay focused. Now we have the medical industry. I read a report that said the medical association is responsible for more deaths through medical mal-“practice” than all U.S. wars combined. If that is not a problem, I’m not sure what else is. It’s a highly controlled industry and to play, you must pay. Yet if you actually did your own first hand research and spoke with several patients under medical care, you would quickly realize that no one is really being healed, yet most are being “treated”. So, the problem is “not” resolved, its simply treated. In both instances, understanding what the problems are is key, yet its also easy to pinpoint.

Now, the last step here is “Offering The Solution”. This shouldn’t be difficult because you understand what you are offering, you know what the problem and simply need to offer a solution.

Its like a baby crying because they have a wet diaper. You know what you are offering, which is the diaper. The problem is clear. Who wants to lay around in a wet diaper? Now, the solution is easy. Offer to change the diaper and bam, you are a genius!

This is a basic example, yet you can apply this to just about any industry.

Now, its just a matter of taking action. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me or any of the social media platforms.

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