With any starting out in sales or business, my suggestion is to be real.  It’s super easy to get caught up in saying or doing what’s easier or even faster, yet it’s not always something that will last.

A client ask us if we can do something and with a knee jerk reaction, you reply YES, Yes and More Yes, knowing full well that you can not and won’t make the extra effort to go beyond that.  Sometimes you are thinking about getting the doc signed, getting the sale, getting the money in your bank account, yet not thinking about the headache or hassle afterwards when you can’t follow through on your word.

This sets the tone for you to NOT be considered for anything in the future and also burns the bridge.  A quick sale is good, yet a lifetime client is much better.

Think about this even in your personal life with say dating.  You are selling yourself so hard that you can’t even believe what you are saying.  Bam, you sold yourself well.  You got what you wanted, yet not the real you is left to be seen and the façade or your representative has faded away.  She or even he, no longer wants you and the worst thing is that you can never be in their presence again as a trustworthy person.

Everyone that this person meets that knows you, will get their negative experience with you.  That person will also not want to deal with you.

Now, the quick fix felt good temporarily, yet long-term, it feels quite ackward.  Some will even continue to live this lie, further entangling yourself in a web that you can not get out of.

I’m no better than you.  Been there and done that and it’s just not worth it.  If you can’t do something for sure, you don’t know how much something cost, don’t just knee jerk and spit out whatever you think will get the sale or the job done.  Think long-term and actions that will make you a reliable source for this person or company for a very long time.

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